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Aug 5th 2014

J. R. R. Tolkien's 10 Tips For Writers [INFOGRAPHICS]

Are you a fan of the Hobbit? A Lord of the Rings geek? Or you are a writer who wants to create a masterpiece? If you're a writer, here are some tips drawn from Tolkien's work. Thanks to The Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien, edited by Humphrey Carpenter, we can literally speak with the author of the world fantasy classic. After all, many of us are looking forward to the last part of the trilogy - 'The Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies'. So let's delve into the world of fantasy with this beautiful infographics from EssayMama's writers. Of course, there is no charts and graphs, but we're writers, right?


Famous for his ingenuity and creativity in The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Series, J. R. R. Tolkien is considered to be one of the best writers and story-tellers of all time. For aspiring writers who also dream of having best-selling books, you can learn a lot from Tolkien. The popular author shared his 10 tips for writers through this infographics from and just as he succeeded, for sure you will find yours too.

1. Vanity is useless

Always going for what is popular or getting on with the trend does not always work especially if you want to offer something to your readers. As a writer when you write your own story, at least you enjoy what you write as writing is one of the best means to express your thoughts.

2. Keep writing, even through adversity

Tolkien took about 7 years for him to finish The Hobbit. Battling his illness along with his obligations and other personal things to attend to, it only goes to show that no matter how tough the road is, just keep going.

3. Listen to critics you trust

Not even the most highly-acclaimed writer was able to produce a flawless work the very first time he or she finished it. If your critics say that there are areas that need improvement, you should listen and trust them. Keep on learning and improving.

4. Let your interests drive your writing

Tolkien is really into languages and you can definitely combine your other passion and interest. Use them to drive your writing. If you are into themes like dance or music, you can always integrate them into writing.

5. Poetry can lead to great prose

One thing that you will notice when you read Tolkien's books is that there are some parts that were written in poetry. If he could not express himself in prose, he wrote it in verse. Even if it is a novel, poetry can also lead to great prose.

6. Happy Accidents

Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect or plan them. This gives excitement to your readers and it also makes the material appear spontaneous.

7. Dreams give us inspiration

Every writer dreams of having their book published. Whether it is a literal dream that subconsciously enters your mind when you sleep or the kind of dream that you want to achieve, you can use it as it gives you inspiration to persist and to continue writing.

8. Real people make great characters

Tolkien made use of his observation of real people which later on became part of his books. Real people draw real emotions and do amazing things.

9. You may be the next best-selling author

Tolkien was surprised when his book, The Hobbit became an instant hit. He considered it as a happy accident. As a writer, there are many times you will be rejected. But you will never know, you might just be the next best-selling author.

10. Books you write may seem trite

Sometimes, we might find it hard to see our work. As people vary when it comes to perceptions and interpretations, some might find a scene really dramatic while others may look at it differently. Just put your heart and mind to every word that you write.

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