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Jul 30th 2014

Psychology Doesn't Have to be Hard: Check These 10 Blogs

psychology student blogs

Here are ten psychology blogs that are going to help students by EssayMama. It is was a difficult list to compile because psychology has a lot of sections and sub sections, which means a few of these blogs are not going to relate to your study area at all. Still, they are very good blogs that are worthy of a look.

Top 10 Psychology Blogs For Students To Read

  2. This is a blog that offers psychological issues and information to professionals and the public. It is run by just one man, and he is able to give you lots of information in certain psychological areas.

  3. PsycCRITIQUES® Blog
  4. This does sound like a load of old carrots, but it was actually produced by the American Psychological Association, so it is not as bad as it looks. It gives you up-to-date reviews of current films, APA videos and books. It is supposed to engage people studying psychology so that they may discuss what they see. It also helps students to identify research so that they may put it in their work if they wish.

  5. PsychCentral
  6. This is somewhat a social network for mental health. It has a blog that may be of great use to some people studying psychology.

  7. Advances in the History of Psychology
  8. This is a blog written by a student. The student attends the York University and the blog is full of stuff a person studying for a doctorate in psychology may wish to read find out.

  9. American Psychological Association Style Blog
  10. This is not a bad place to go if you need help citing your sources in your psychology essays. It follows the APA style guides and helps you follow them too. The posts can help you learn how to format your work correctly. Need help citing sources or learning about APA style guidelines? This blog offers weekly posts to help you learn APA style rules.

  11. Center for Deployment Psychology Blog
  12. It sounds like a sexy title, but is actually a real thing. The Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP) is what trains behavioral health professionals. This makes its blog something that may really be of interest to you.

  13. PsyBlog
  14. This is a blog about psychology and how the mind works. It gives you posts that are grouped in themes to help you navigate it all. It has groups about social psychology, cognitive psychology, cyber psychology, and money & work. It has studies on it that some students are going to find very interesting. 

  15. Child-Psych Research Blog
  16. The title of the blog is rather self explanatory, never the less; it is a blog about child psychology, childhood disorders and parenting. The two authors have tried to base as much as possible on studies conducted by legitimate researchers. 

  17. The Situationist
  18. This blog is all about social psychology research. It has a few areas that relate to the theme of the blog and is worth a read if you are a psychology student.

  19. The Web Psychologist
  20. This sounds like some quack giving crappy advice that has been packaged as good, but that is not the case. This is a study of how the Internet affects mood. With the recent news stories about Facebook running tests to see if they could alter the mood of users by defining what is shown to them on news feeds, it is rather interesting to see what her take is on emotions caused by the Internet.


There are quite a few that may not apply to you personally or your studies, but the blogs mentioned are rather good and may still interest you even if they do not relate to your studies in a direct way.

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