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Aug 7th 2014

10 Marketing Blogs For Students You Wish You Knew Before

 When you read these blogs, just remember that no single marketing resource is ever 100% right. If it were then all companies would sell all the time and nobody would ever go out of business. If you are smart enough to take what you read with a pinch of salt, then you are going to do well with the blogs presented below.

Marketing Blogs for Students

1. Copyblogger

This blog is mostly about copywriting for the Internet, with the main aim being to attract other businesses to the company in order to sell to them. It is not a bad blog if you also want to develop your copywriting skills.

2. Velocity Partners

This is not a professionally written blog, and there are a lot of mistakes in it, but that is true for a lot of blogs. It does have another way of looking at marketing that may appeal to you more than the systematic methods the others try to push. It does have its share of bad language every now and then too.

3. Heidi Cohen

This is one of the many business-to-business blogs on this article. It tells you how content marketing may help you sell to more businesses. It is not a terrible place to go if you want new content and ideas to add into your essays.

4. KISSmetrics

This is a blog that helps you figure out conversions optimization. If it is going to feature in some part of your studies or as part of your dissertation then it is a good blog to have on your side. It gives you simple advice to get you started and makes it so you are able to move into some very deep and more complex ideas.

5. Webbiquity

This is a blog that explains a few ways you may get more business-to-business sales. It also has bits on social media PR, which you can take as inspiration for your own ideas, but be wary of trusting any source when it claims to be good at social media marketing. The tiny few that actually are good at it are not telling people how.

6. Convince And Convert

If you keep in mind that the people on these blogs do not know it all, then you can learn from this blog. It is not perfect, but that is true for all forms of marketing advice.

7. Marketo

This is a slightly edgy blog due to the fact that it is not written in a professional tone. For example, one of the posts is named, “If Your Writing Sucks, So Will Your Content,” which just goes to show you the mentality behind the blog. That is not to say that it is bad, it is just not as professional and dry as most other marketing websites and information centers.

8. Paul Gillin

This is a blog by a man that writes about social media, customer experiences and social business. In most cases you would be wise to avoid anybody that claims they can help you sell on social media because nobody can help you in that department. But, if you have a paper due or a dissertation and you need to mention social media marketing, then this blog is not a bad place to get some ideas.

9. Content Marketing Institute

This is a blog that gives tips on content marketing. It is mostly about getting your website to the top of the Google search engine results and finding ways to get your message out to your consumer and other businesses you want to communication with. It is also a good website for if you are a business owner as well as being good for students.

10. Eloqua's - "It's All About Revenue"

This is a blog that gives techniques and tips for business-to-business selling and is good for business owners and marketing companies. It has a lot of tips for people working online, which is fair enough since a lot of business occurs online.


There are a lot of blogs on this article that claim to help you sell business-to-business. It may be a coincidence that the best blogs are ones that give advice in that area, or it may just be that when a blog tries to write for selling to the masses that it invariably cannot cover enough to make it worth your while. Either way, if you are studying marketing, business studies or anything of that ilk, then you could do far worse than trying out a few of these blogs.

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