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"I Have to Write My Essay due Tomorrow and I Haven't Started"

Luckily, when you say you "haven't started" you mean started the actual writing, don't you? You have read the question, thought about it, mentally prepared an outline, researched the experts in the field (and noted them for references), gathered the salient arguments in your head, and sketched out your conclusions, haven't you? I'll take your silence to be a 'no'.

In the planning world, what you have here is known as Crashing the schedule'. It isn't ideal but it is possible. The results won't be pretty but at this stage the goal we're aiming for is a result that keeps you in school and progressing. So let's start with something that has nothing to do with your essay at all -- you and your immediate surroundings.

  1. Create the Right Environment

  2. You have to work quickly and productively to finish this essay on time so pick the right place to do it. Your bed, the party next-door, or the pubs aren't it - that's how you got into this mess, remember? You need a comfortable chair to support you and something like a table or desk to support your computer. You need stable and fast Internet access (but block off ALL your favorite sites!), solitude, and also good lighting to stop you falling asleep, which is what is likely to happen when you spend the next 24 hours on your own. Also, simple but nourishing snacks (something your Mother would approve) and water within reasonable reach, not so close you spend your time eating and not so far you lose time going for them. Coffee and tea have helped people get through the long watches of the night for centuries so a kettle or coffeepot nearby is a good investment too.

  3. Read the Question Carefully

  4. This is where you can really save some time. Understanding the question, then researching and answering only what it asks for is a killer app' of the academic world. Being focused will save time and provide a better product, maybe even better than one written by someone who had too much time and wandered off topic, therefore you won't tell "can someone write my essay?"

  5. Think About It - No, Really!

  6. What are your opinions on the subject? Who are the experts that can help you -- and in this case we're talking about known experts and written references, not your best buddy who knows everything. What do people in general think about this question and what did the course material say about this? Do you agree with them? Has everyone missed an angle on this? Is there something you haven't heard mentioned when this subject was being discussed but seems sensible to you?

  7. Prepare an Outline and Schedule

  8. Prepare it in writing and be as specific as possible. Start with an Introduction, then the Discussion, a Summary, and finally your Conclusion(s).From the thoughts and opinions you developed earlier, describe your thesis, your argument, as clearly as you can. It can be modified when you're researching but it should be clear enough to help you jot down notes and questions under each heading -- notes you'll flesh out as you write. Organize your notes so the essay flows in an understandable way from the question to your answer.

    Provide a schedule for each step of the process. Don't agonize over the time you allot to each activity and don't panic if you go over one as you work but do keep track. An essay needs a beginning, middle and an end so allowing time to each will ensure yours has at least that.

  9. Research

  10. The Internet isn't always the best place to get definitive information because it has too many unsubstantiated 'facts' and opinions; however, as you're pushed for time, it's the only realistic option you have left available. Just be careful to select recognized authorities for your research and not someone from the street with an ax to grind. Take note of the titles and authors you'll be using to support your argument while you're reading them, trying to find them again later wastes time.

    Add to the notes you made, answer the questions you had, add any new notes and questions, build your essay in as-yet unconnected pieces.

  11. Formulate Your Argument

  12. When the entire Outline's questions have been answered or removed from the plan (because you now know they aren't relevant, not because you couldn't find an answer), start considering how you'll say what it is you have to say. Connect the facts and quotations you've assembled into a narrative that walks the reader from start to finish. Be sure the steps of your argument support each other and they lead the reader forward. Avoid making the reader go back to something earlier in the essay, whenever possible. If it isn't possible, make it easy for them with footnotes or other accepted and widely understood aids.

  13. Summarize and Conclude

  14. The discussion part of the essay is the main body and will be by far the largest part. However, not everyone has the time to read the details so a short concluding summary of the question, thesis, and the arguments in favor and against (with your reasons for accepting or rejecting them), will help both your quick scanning reader and also your reader who has been following along through the discussion. Summaries help the reader by setting the stage for the conclusion(s).

    Provided you've written it right, the readers will have worked out your conclusions for themselves but don't leave them to interpret your argument -- they may not get it right. Clearly spell out your answer(s) to the question that was posed. Now you're done. You made it.

    Well, almost. Re-read and edit until it's perfect -- or until it's time to submit.

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