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All the students have bad moments from time to time. Breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, health issues, money troubles… All these problems can be a good reason to give up on your academic success and focus on something that seems more important at the moment.

We all have priorities, and studying isn’t always at the top. But, after all, good grades are crucial for your future success. In such difficult situations, you might wonder “who can write my college essay while I’m dealing with other stuff?”

The answer is simple: ask for help from professionals! When you need a haircut, you don’t do it yourself - you go to the salon. When your kitchen sink is out of order - you don’t fix it by yourself - you call a plumber. Why should it be any different when you need assistance with your essay?

It’s okay to have some doubts on this matter. That’s why we’ve put together some of the most popular questions regarding our work and provided answers in our FAQ section.



Is it okay to pay someone to write my essay?

This question is quite complex and requires an extended explanation. First of all, our website is 100% legal. Providing written samples for money is within the law. But the real question is, how do our customers use those samples? If they present them as their own, that would be a violation of academic rules. They can get in trouble, especially if they walk around telling everybody “I paid an expert to write my essay for me.” That’s not reasonable, to say the least. But you’re welcome to use our texts as a source of inspiration, information, or as an example for your writing.

What discounts does your service have?

We treat all our first-time customers with a discount! Find a special code on our website and get 20% off your first order. Besides, EssayMama is generous when it comes to big orders. If you need more than fifteen pages, you get 5% off, more than fifty - 10% off, and more than a hundred - 15% off.

Can you write my essay in one day?

If you aren’t an organized person, you’ve probably faced an unpleasant situation when you forget about your homework. Maybe, you’ve woken up in your bed with the words “I have to write my essay within four hours!” That’s not the best way to wake up, to be honest. With EssayMama, you don’t have to worry about missed deadlines. We can provide you with an original essay in a matter of a few hours!

What is your plagiarism policy?

Our policy on this matter is pretty transparent: we have zero tolerance for plagiarism. Our writers deliver exclusively original essay samples. You may order an additional report to me 100% confident about the originality of your paper.

May I ask for revisions when you write my essay?

That’s another policy that we’re proud of. You may ask for as many revisions as needed without extra payments. Of course, you can’t demand essential changes (e. g. additional pages, change of topic). But you have the full right to ask for minor modifications.

How do you use my contact info?

We understand your concern when it comes to confidentiality. Some websites treat their customers’ contact information carelessly, and this negligence results in bad consequences. But with EssayMama, your email and phone number are safe. We use encryption that keeps your data safe. Besides, our managers use this information only in case of emergency.

How do you write my essay online?

Throughout years of constant development, we’ve created the most efficient algorithm to deliver the best essay samples in the shortest periods of time. So what happens when you ask “help me to write my essay,” and we start working? Take a closer look at the process:


Who can write my essay? EssayMama is here to help

Anxiety comes from uncertainty. And the best way to get rid of it is to learn more about the source of your anxiety. When you use any service for the first time, get as much information as possible to eliminate any worries.

And this time, we’ll do that for you. You probably wonder “who exactly will help me to write my essay?” Let us tell you more about our hard-working writers:

I have to write my essay due tomorrow! Where to start?

Time flies when you’re busy or having fun. And those are two major states of a normal student. It seems like the deadline date is so far away, but then… Boom! And it’s right around the corner.

You wake up from the illusion of confidence in the future and have to make a choice. The easiest way would be to ask EssayMama “write my essay for me,” but that might not be an option for you. In any case, take a look at the short guide on the essay writing process:

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