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Why custom essay writing isn’t that easy

Essays are probably the most common type of homework. They allow teachers to evaluate students’ knowledge of a certain topic, their creativity, and research and writing skills. Plus, essays are short pieces of academic writing, therefore, they’re easy to check and grade.

Being a great asset for college teachers, essays can become a real headache for students. Despite its shortness, this type of paper requires much energy and time to be completed. And students frequently lack these valuables. A smart way out of the homework labyrinth would be to find a professional who will take the burden of custom essay writing. But if you are hesitant, we have seven persuasive arguments to change your mind. Here is the list of seven steps that you’d have to take to compose your essay without custom essay writing help.

Pick an intriguing topic

In case your instructor hasn’t specified an exact topic, you’ll have to define it by yourself. It shouldn’t be too general, as this type of topic won’t interest anyone. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be too specific, as this type of topic is extremely difficult to research. And of course, the topic should be interesting to you. Try to keep the balance between all these parameters.

Find informative sources

The essay is a genre of academic writing, therefore, all your arguments should be validated by scientific facts, statistical data, and other reliable sources. Otherwise, your argumentative strategy will be weak and unconvincing. If you have a hard time researching, get help from our custom essay service. Our experts know for sure how to dig for the best resources.

Analyze your sources

After you complete your search, the analysis stage begins. You need to look through everything you’ve found and identify the excerpts that may strengthen your arguments. You may add not only the quotations that confirm your thesis statement but also the ones that

contradict it. In this way, your topic will be covered from different perspectives, and it will make your whole essay stronger.

Come up with a compelling thesis statement

A thesis statement is a sentence that represents the structure of the essay. Usually, it contains all the aspects of the topic that will be later explained in the main body. The thesis statement should be consistent with other parts of your essay. In case you have some doubts about your writing skills, apply for custom essay writing help at our website.

Build strong arguments

A good essay includes at least three compelling arguments. Their intensity depends on the type of essay that you need to compose. In persuasive essays, also known as argumentative, your arguments are aimed at convincing your readers of the accuracy of your viewpoint. In analytical essays, your arguments might be a bit less compelling, as they simply present different aspects of the topic.

Structure your thoughts

Throwing your thoughts on the paper isn’t enough to get a good grade. Your essay needs to be well-structured from A to Z. Your potential readers should have no problems with understanding the flow of your thoughts. Don’t forget any of the essay parts: introductory paragraph, thesis statement, main body, and conclusion.

Format and edit your custom essay

That’s the last step of the process. We understand that rereading your text might seem a bit boring, but it’s necessary to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. If custom essay writing doesn’t seem like an exciting way to spend your time anymore, you know exactly what to do.


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The mental health of an average human being can’t constantly keep up with the workload that it gets if you’re a student. Work, lectures, homework, social life - all that is an indispensable part of your life that brings you great memories and emotions. But it also brings you lots of stress and problems.

We offer you the decision that will allow you to lower the tension in at least one sphere of your life - homework. Buy custom essay online - and at least one problem will be gone.

What types of custom essay help we provide

Although all the essays have a fairly similar structure and length, they vary in terms of content and logic. If you’ve decided to order custom essay writing online, please, specify the type of essay in the ordering form. Here is the list of the most common types:

This essay type is also known as “persuasive.” You have to build a strong argumentative strategy to prove your point of view on a specific topic.

This essay isn’t about persuading your readers but analyzing a subject in a comprehensive and consistent way. You shouldn’t “pick a side” - cover your topic from different perspectives.

In the narrative essay, you’re telling a story. It can be real or imaginary. You can use various literary techniques: metaphors, allegory, dialogues, etc.

As well as a narrative essay, the descriptive essay is a creative genre. However, it has no plot. You simply describe a person, object, or event using figurative expressions.

In this essay, you need to find and describe the reasons or consequences of a certain event or phenomenon. Usually, cause and effect essays are written on historical topics.

In contrast with an argumentative essay, the expository essay has a neutral tone of voice. You cover your topic using facts and data. No opinions or suggestions!

In the compare and contrast essay, you find and analyze similarities and differences between two objects, persons, events, phenomena, etc. This comparison helps you to take a look at your topic from a new angle.

Are you familiar with all these essay types? Are you sure that you can handle all of them? If the answer isn’t “Yes, 100%!” you should leave your doubts behind and apply to our custom essay writing service. Our team can deal with all these essays and more. In case you’re in a hurry, we can handle a short essay in a matter of three hours!


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