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Buy Essays Online to Better Your Academic Performance

Do high grades seem to be an unattainable goal? Doubts about your academic future keep you awake at night? Stop nervously biting your nails and get rid of homework anxiety! At EssayMama, you have a whole team of well-trained writers at your disposal.

Our service is available 24/7, and we can provide you with an excellent essay sample in a matter of three hours! Plus, all our customers get a 20% discount on the first order. It looks like a great opportunity to get assistance from real pros without spending all the money in the world, doesn’t it?


Leave hesitation behind and buy an essay safely in three simple steps:

  1. Fill in the ordering form
  2. At this stage, you have to set your requirements for an essay. Please, fill in as many specifics as possible, as that would enable our writer to deliver a piece in the exact manner you want it to be. When you complete the form, you’ll see the final price for your order. The price depends on a variety of factors: urgency, level of difficulty, number of pages, etc.

  3. Have a great time while we’re working
  4. This step requires much more effort from us than from you :) You can just sit down, relax, and sip some hot tea from your favorite cup while one of our experts is doing his best to exceed your expectations. Every essay is written from scratch, therefore you can be 100% about the originality of the text.

  5. Get a perfectly written sample
  6. Your order is ready! We’ll send it to your email, or you may download it from our website. If you want the essay to be slightly changed - don’t hesitate even for a minute! Ask for revisions, and our writer will polish the text until it shines bright like a diamond.

Now, you’re totally aware of how to buy essays from our service and can get right to it. Are you still hesitant? That’s a bit frustrating but understandable… Well, maybe if you learn more about our benefits, you’ll gain the confidence to place your order and get rid of your deadline anxiety!

100% unique essays

EssayMama has a zero-tolerance plagiarism policy. We write all the samples from scratch and have an individual approach to each order. We also provide a plagiarism report on request.

Total confidentiality

Your personal data is safe with us. We use an encrypted database to store it and never use it without necessity. Our managers will contact you in case of emergencies. But no spam emails - that we can promise for sure.

24/7 customer support

Whenever you need assistance, apply to our customer support managers via our live chat, email, or phone. We help students all over the globe. They live in different time zones, and we are available for their questions at all times.

Qualified writers

When you think about where to buy essays online, remember that the main criteria for your choice should be a team of qualified writers. Real pros can solve any academic problem and handle the subject of any level of difficulty. Besides, they can work in conditions of strict time limits and provide an essay in a matter of three hours!


You’re too smart to buy cheap essays!

Look, we understand that finances aren’t the most stable part of student life. But we also know that paying less isn’t always a wise choice.

The internet is filled with services that allegedly help students with their academic troubles. However, claiming that you’re helpful and being helpful are two opposite concepts. Don’t even think about buying essays from the websites that provide one page for less than ten dollars!

Use your head! Imagine how much money services spend on advertising, taxes, salaries, and other expenses. And what’s left to pay the writer for a job. A professional wouldn’t work for peanuts. Apparently, services with a low price rate hire students who need some cash and have sufficient writing skills.

You might say that some students can compose well-written essay samples. But you never know whether you’ll get a “pro” or “newbie” student. When you buy essays from cheap services, you can face a whole range of problems:

That’s probably the worst possible scenario… You buy an essay for $10 and receive a piece written in Elvish. Well, not Elvish but really bad English. In any case, it’s useless! You try to contact a customer support manager, but the only answer you get is quite robotic: “Thank you for your feedback!” Doesn’t seem like a pleasant situation, does it?

If your order is handled by a student with good English, but a lack of writing skills, troubles with the structure of your essay sample are inevitable. An absence of the thesis statement, arguments without examples, vague phrases, and repetition of the same sentences in different variations - any of these factors will affect your grade negatively.

Another thing that can be wrong with the essay is absolute neglect of the academic writing standards. There are four common styles: MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard. And our writers are familiar with all of them! But that’s not always the case for cheap essay services. Low-paid experts don’t stick to the requirements of a specific style. They come up with their own! We’re not sure whether your instructor will appreciate their creativity (probably not).

If you get a well-written sample, that’s not the end of your worries. Cheap services don’t provide original and good essays - that’s way too expensive. They might have a repository of prewritten texts on assorted topics. Each sample can be sold a few times and even appear on the internet! And you’ll totally get in trouble if you use them.

Of course, you can buy an essay online for ten dollars. But what will you do if it’s horrible? Wrong topic, weak arguments, fake information… You’ll demand some changes and revisions. But managers won’t respond to any of your requests and will simply ghost you because they don’t care about the reputation of the website. Their only mission is to trick you at least once.

We hope that all the claims above have persuaded you to refrain from buying essays from unchecked services. In contrast to them, EssayMama has a team of amazing writers. Learn more about them from the next passage:

Buy an essay online from expert writers

Rigorous hiring process

Our hiring managers do an immense amount of work while picking the best candidates. They test applicants’ knowledge of English and academic writing. We also give all the candidates a test order to evaluate their writing skills.

Academic degrees and writing experience

All of our writers have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Their skills allow them to work on the most peculiar topics. Besides, they have access to a wide range of online libraries, and that allows them to conduct thorough research.

Decent pay

Our service prices aren’t too high and aren’t too low: they’re affordable. If you’re not confident about your financial capabilities, order your sample in advance. The urgency makes a price higher. Anyway, when you buy essays from EssayMama, you pay true professionals who are ready to take your academic burden away.

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