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Jan 27th 2015

Top 10 Writing Tips from the Desk of Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf arose as one of the most notable representatives of modernism in European literature. Can you think of a better person to serve as an inspiration for your writing? You might label her work as ‘depressing', mainly because you associate it to her tragic death. However, this modernist writer also had a playful side. You won't need much effort to see that aspect in her work, especially if you read her personal letters and diaries.

Virginia Woolf was not as humorless and grim as most people think. When you see photographs of her youth, you'll see a face with a recognizable sensibility, but you will also get an impression that she knew how to have fun. Yes, she was tortured, perceptive and sensitive, but she managed to convey those emotions in masterful literature that serves as an example for future generations of writers.

What exactly can her writing teach us? That's exactly what this infographic is all about.

Writing Tips Derived from the Life and Work of Virginia Woolf

Woolf was constantly surrounded with intellectual friends. They sparked her imagination and ability to think things through. The discussions they had were a resourceful inspiration for her writings. When Woolf was writing her first novel, The Voyage Out, she asked her friends to take the role of ultimate supporters. They helped her surpass the doubts and get over the blockades. That's the first lesson a writer should learn: get over your ego and view all other writers as supporters instead of competition.

When your friends can't help you get out of a writer's block, maybe nature will. Taking regular walks is a nice habit that will get you inspired.

Contemplation is the key to a writer's progress. That's another lesson you can learn from Woolf. When she wasn't writing poetry or prose, she was writing in her diary. When you develop a habit of daily writing, you will use each day to take a step further.

Everyone has fears. Are you afraid to write about them? Don't be! The pen was Woolf's mightiest weapon to battle her fears. She didn't ignore her thoughts; she embraced them and turned the fears into memorable literature. Remember: you cannot allow yourself to be seduced by popularity. Literary wreckage is ruthless, so you need to keep your work away from publicity if it's too young to stand the strain.

You want to learn more from the work and life of this great writer? writing service is always here to pamper you with some interesting and useful information. Here you go - 'Top 10 Writing Tips from the Desk of Virginia Woolf'!

Share this infographic with the world and get some points to your karma ;)

Top 10 Writing Tips from the Desk of Virginia Woolf

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