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Feb 11th 2015

Valentine's Day Cards From Famous Writers

Valentine's Day is the ultimate celebration of love. Some say it's cheesy. It is when you limit it to chocolate, flowers, and cards with shabby messages that have been recycled over and over again. We all know that Hallmark cards are the easiest way to handle Valentine's Day. They are hardly the most creative choice, though.

Have you ever wondered how real writers celebrated love through words? They didn't need sweet, romantic and cute messages like “You must be a thief. I open a vacancy in my heart; you saw it and stole it away.” Yuck! Add heart-shaped chocolates and a rose, and you'll have the perfect recipe of driving someone reasonable away.

Does that mean that you should avoid sending the Valentine's card? Absolutely not! The perfect message can stick with your loved one for years to come. If you turn it into a testimony of your real emotions, you'll hit the jackpot. Let's not kid ourselves; everyone loves getting attention on the day of love. Your partner may be sarcastic, but he/she won't be happy if you deliberately forget to show your appreciation to this relationship. This is your excuse to be super romantic… within the limits of reason.

How Should the Perfect Card Look Like? Get Inspired By Great Authors!

When you're trying to think of the perfect message, don't search Google for ‘Valentine's Day messages'. Look deep into your soul and you'll find the answers. Okay, that might have been the most useless advice you've come across to. Not everyone can define the complex emotions of love in few words. You know what? Great authors have already expressed the feelings you're experiencing. You just need to go through their work to find the inspiration you need.

You are too tired to spend hours looking for the perfect message throughout the books in your library? You don't have to do that; EssayMama is always here to help. In this infographic, you'll find the most inspiring definitions and messages of love. Tolkien, Rowling, Dumas, Fitzgerald, Marquez, and other notable writers said it all in few words.

Can you imagine if famous writers sent Valentine's Day Cards? The infographic by EssayMama essay writers allows you to see what all your favorite authors have had to say on the topic of love and St. Valentine's Day. You are sure to smile, perhaps even tear up, and understand that love can be portrayed in simple words. Whether these words are intense and steamy or just light and funny, love is what it is all about on St. Valentine's Day. So read up, and share with those who you love.

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Valentine's Day Cards From Famous Writers


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