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Oct 21st 2014

Halloween Costume Ideas From Famous Writers

Halloween is just around the corner. Some people like this holiday because they can spend more time with their kids seeking candy, other part love this holiday for girls using the day as an excuse to dress like, hmm... cheeky girls. But every year we face the one huge common problem - where the hell I can find mind-blowing Halloween costumes or costume ideas?

Who said that Halloween is all about dressing up as the most scaring creatures in the world? Yes, it involves some cheeky outfits and of course candy, but it does not have to be all scary and stuff! Since this year's Halloween holiday is just around the corner, you can have something fresh to think about.

Have you ever imagined gracing the event dressed up as one of your favourite writers? More of taking on an Oscar Wilde look? Would it not be fascinating and intriguing at the same time? You bet! Some of the famous writers, authors and essayists did in deed have an exquisite taste when it came to fashion. A good example is Oscar Wilde whom we've just mentioned.

His creativity was beyond measure! One of his most standout costumes was when he dressed up in his lavishing traditional Greek costume mark you he was Irish.

Another look that you can most definitely go for is the ''La Chatte Amoureuse''. The costume was one of Colette's best Halloween costume ideas. It represented a nightclub mime show where she got to portray her favourite animal. You got to fancy her for her imagination. (as a caring mother) is here to pamper her kids with this infographic, where you can find the answer. EssayMama's answer is simple - dress as your favorite writer. Famous authors, writers and essayists can help you with your halloween costume ideas!

These are the most hipster costumes ever. Imagine going to a party and someone says "You don't know? I'm Norman Mailer!" *punch in the face. You can dress like greek-style Oscar Wilde or almost nude Yukio Mishima. Your choice, anyway.

Happy Halloween!

Don't forget - Trick or Treat.

Created by Jessica Millis (Twitter @MillisJess)


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