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Jul 8th 2014

7 Tips for Students To Become a Resume Writing Guru

 Here, at EssayMama, are some of the best tips you are ever going to read on how to get a job as both a studying student and a student waiting to get his or her results. You can use these tips in 30 years if you like and they will still help you win the job of your dreams. These tips are straight from a team of HR staff and managers that have seen it all! Here is a refined and condensed version of expert knowledge and experience when it comes to resume writing. Seven solid tips of sheer gold that you will not find elsewhere!

Tip 1 - Write one resume for each job you apply for 

People in HR departments and company managers are used to seeing lots of resumes, and they can sense the copy/paste variety to the point of being able to smell them. If you want the job, then litter your resume with references to the company. Do not just say, “I would be perfect for the role because,” Say “I would be perfect for -insert company name- because.” Explain why you are perfect for that company in particular and explain what you can bring that nobody else can.

Tip 2 - Write a comprehensive resume 

If you are going for a job that you really want, then do not write a single page resume that you attach to your application (online most likely). Instead, make it a glamorous sparkling booklet of why you are perfect for the job. 

That may have put it a little theatrically, but you could do a lot worse, such as doing the same as everybody else. Ideally, it should be a PFD or other similar (package) document. It should have your photo on it, a section dedicated to your hobbies, personality, experience, etc, (see tip 6 for a full list). It needs to be nothing short of a sales document that details why you are perfect for the job and full of reasons why they would be making a mistake hiring from within.

Tip 3 - Ignore the tip 1 & 2 if it’s a minimum wage job 

As a student, you may be reading this article because you want help getting a minimum wage job. If that is the case, then you can ignore the first two tips. They are for getting a job you want to turn into a career, or at the very least are for getting a job you really want. 

Tip 4 - Offer them something they do not have right now

There are several corporations that have policies stating that if a position opens up that they have to advertise it to the general public. Even though they are advertising to the general public, they may still have a prime candidate within the company that they have already picked. You may not get the job, but you need to make an impact and that impact should be through your achievements. 

You may be lucky enough to have more experience than the people they already have on staff, but as a student that is highly unlikely. What you need to demonstrate is that in your short time on this earth you have already achieved the incredible. This means that every achievement on your resume needs to have sledgehammer impact.

You didn’t just win student body president, you won it against 12 other runners. You didn’t just complete your dissertation; your work was held up as an example to others, and so on.

Tip 5 - Do not format your resume like a parade float

You do not have to go for the most boring and mundane format, but a standard and professional look is all that is needed. You can have bigger headers and a bit of sexy formatting, but understand that the HR team or company manager has seen it all before, which means “fancy” does not impress!

Tip 6 - A list of sections your resume should have

If you are writing a resume and are already stuck for sections to write, here is a list of sections your resume should have (in no particular order).


Three bullet points explaining what you are aiming for in an easy to understand way. The first should read, “To finally become a member of your team.” The second should have an intermediate goal that also compliments the job, such as building a career in the industry. The third should be an expressed long-term goal, and by expressed it means starting with, “Eventually I would like…” And, that goal should be a position that the company could have such as “chief designer” or “project team leader,” etc. 


Detail your achievements and polish them up a little so that they appear to be difficult to achieve whilst also not making it look as if you struggled to achieve them.


Many companies believe a person with no outside interests is harder to work with, less personable, less ambitions. If anything, they just want to check that you are not a workaholic zombie that will leave once he or she falls in love.

Future goals

This is not commonly seen on resumes, but a quick and easy to read section about your ambitions will help flesh out your personality a little and should also give clues as to why you want the job.


A detail of your qualifications, and if you are still working towards your qualifications then list the ones you are going to achieve as well as your predicted grades (round them up).

About me

Half of this should be about your personal life, whom you live with, what you do in your spare time, charity work, and even your love interest. This shows that you have a personality and is a nice way of saying that you are going to have something to talk about with others in the canteen. 

The other half should be the stone cold facts that managers love, and these should be the opposite of what managers hate (see tip 7 to find out what managers hate the most).

Tip 7 - What do managers hate the most?

If you read tip six, then you discovered there are things managers hate. If you add in the counter arguments in your resume (you can put them in more than just your about me section if you wish), then you are going to make a good impact. For example, if managers hate sick days then say how you have not had any sick days. Do not say, “I haven’t had any sick days yet,” because the “yet” makes it sound as if you are planning some. Here are the things managers hate:

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