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Apr 6th 2014

How to Buy Term Papers Online and Not To Be Cheated

If you are going to order your term paper online, then give yourself a lot of time when you do it. In other words, make sure you order it as soon as possible and use their longest possible deadline. That way you are going to get it cheaper. You also need some time after it is returned to you so you can check it and check it well. 

Not being cheated in an ultimate fashion 

The ultimate fashion is where you are cheated, hand in your work and you are expelled. This is why you need lots of time to check your work. You need to run plagiarism checks, but they are not going to show you much. It is easy to fool a plagiarism checker. In fact, there are online tools called spinning tools that are designed to fool plagiarism checkers. 


You need to research your own paper. You need to take the paper, separate it into bite sized chunks and research it to see if any of those chunks look similar to other content on the net. Pay particular attention to the references because when people copy the work of others they will tend to have similar references to them.

Newer websites are more suspicious

The trick is to set up a website to sell term paper online, con a few students and then close down the website and start a new one somewhere else. Students come and go within a matter of years if not terms so it is not as if you need to build brand loyalty. If a website is new then it is suspicious because it could be another company looking to con you. 


There are a number of ways to check the age of a website, and one of them is to use the Whois tool. This will tell you when the domain was registered and who registered it and where. There are times when contact data is hidden because of tools such as “HideMyAss” (a truly evil company), and if the contact details are hidden then forget that website and try another. Just don’t bother risking it because if they don’t want people making contact then there is probably a good reason that is not going to suit you. 

Be a little wary of reviews and testimonials

A lot of them are written by the company themselves, especially when they are long testimonials. Have you ever written a testimonial of maybe a DVD or book on Amazon? Have you ever written 200 words for it? No, you wrote a small comment and left it at that, and that is what people do when they write their own testimonials. Plus, remember that very few students want to go on record and say, “Yeah, I cheated using this company and they were pretty good”. 


When it comes to reviews then you should be equally suspicious. If the review is nothing but the nice without any mention of the negative sides then it is not a reliable review. No essay writing service gets it right every time when students buy term papers online. They do not have amendment policies because it just happened the once.

Can you pay after the work is given to you?

The ones that ask for payment before you use the company have all the power. If there are companies offering to give you the essay and then have you pay afterwards, then they are easier to trust. If the work is terrible then don’t pay them, and if it is good then you should. If you do not pay them then they know they can publish the work online so you cannot hand it in as your own. Paying beforehand leaves you at a disadvantage.  


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