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Sep 3rd 2014

Student Pranks! Attention!


This article was written by EssayMama write my essay team.

College is all about learning, making life-long friendships and becoming a responsible adult. At least that's what your parents think. Students know better. If they don't have fun during this period of their lives, they will be doomed to boredom for years to come.

Fun comes in different forms. Sometimes it takes the shape of practical jokes that not everyone enjoys. Are you interested in learning about the most famous pranks that students have made? Read on!

Fire Alarm Pranks

All of us heard about a student who decided to have fun around "after midnight". You might be busy with your essay writing, watching a movie or just having a sleep. But suddenly a fire alarm goes off and you have nothing to do but to leave the dorm and wait for the firefighters to check the whole building. Yes, it is all about a student prank with a fire alarm. The funniest thing here could be a group of people, all in their pajamas, gathered on the car park. It could be so if they were not so angry and freezed. We wish it had been the worst part of it.

Once, UWE students were cheating with the fire alarm three times in a row during one night. In the meantime, there was a house on fire in Bristol. And only a part of firefighters team could respond to this call, since others were busy with a false one. Who knew that the fire alarm prank was not such a good idea after all?

In the season 2005/2006 in the Bristol University, there were 184 firefighter callouts with 20 deliberate ones. No matter how frustrated firefighters are, they have to respond to every call and check the building thoroughly before they can tell everyone it's safe to enter.

The ‘You're Pregnant' Prank

This one went viral. Stephan Barrows, a professor at Aquinas College, made his students answer on speakerphone every time their phones rang during class. The students knew how to use that to their advantage. One of the students got a fake call from Kevin from the Pregnancy Resource Center, who congratulated her on being pregnant.

Barrows' expression captured on video is priceless!

MIT Students Placing Objects on Top of the Great Dome

It seems like MIT students have a thing for rooftops. Over the years, the top of the Great Dome has been decorated with a small house, a piano, a fake cow, and… wait for it… a giant nipple.

In 1994, the students brought an entire campus police car on the rooftop. Of course they had to put a dummy officer inside. You have to be really, really smart to pull off a prank like this. These students had to take the car apart and take it piece by piece to the top of the building thanks to a carefully-engineered system of rollers. Then, they reunited the pieces. The dummy officer got a ticket, since a rooftop is not the right place to park a car.

Did you get any ideas yet?

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