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Apr 22nd 2014

Wise Tips from the Current Student: How to Buy Cheap Essay Online

EssayMama writing team is happy to publish the story from its customer Sharon, who is a current student at James Madison University. She is going to share her personal experience on cooperating with online essay writing services and suggest practical tips on how to choose the best writing assistance on the Internet.

Sharon, you now have the floor!

“Before I get any further with the tips on how to buy papers online, let me clarify one thing: I’m a pretty solid student. I don’t pick parties over studying and I always try hard to meet the requirements my professors impose. I even like reading and writing. When it comes to academic writing… it’s not my favorite aspect of education. The rigid form suffocates me.

How are you supposed to use different resources and create unique work at the same time? If I want to implement a citation in the text, then I have to follow that author’s thought and complement it with the arguments. Those can’t be my own ideas. I still haven’t found a way to adapt my style to academic writing. That’s why I kept getting low points despite my efforts to improve my skills.

When I got a low grade on a sociology essay, I flipped. This is my favorite subject and I value my knowledge highly. That was the moment when I started considering online services. I knew that few of my friends had relied on these websites for different reasons: lack of time, skills, interest… you name it. The results were pretty decent and they got better points than me – the crazy one who spent days working on a miserable piece of paper.

My first experience with a writing service was great. I got a decent paper that was much more suitable to my teacher’s standards. Of course, I kept ordering content online and I learned a thing or two about academic writing along the way. Buying essays online is not easy. You have to pick the right company for the right project. I’ve mastered this skill completely, and I’m willing to share my wisdom.

You can buy a cheap essay online if you wish. You can have one custom written essay and hand it in as your own work if you wish. It is easy to be morally outraged by this, until you realize that most students will admit to using a service at least once. This brings us to the point where the fools doing their own work are the ones that fail, which ironically is the American way, as they have had people working for them since they first moved over to America from Europe. In fact, there are still very few middle class people that mow their own lawn, so let’s not judge people too harshly for using essay writing services. Can you buy a cheap essay online that is still any good? You can if you use a few of the tips below.


This is the big hitter when you want to buy cheap essays. The longer your deadline is then the less the essay writing service is going to charge you. This means that if you get your project to them the same day you are given it, and you use their maximum deadline, then you are going to save the most money. There are some services that will let you have your essay back within hours, but you can expect to pay four times more than if you were willing to wait two weeks.

Word count

The more work a paper writing service has to do then the more they are going to charge you, which means logically you are going to have to consider the word count. You may argue that the word count is set up by the college, but this means nothing. You may do a little research and may have your own ideas. So, order fewer pages than you need, and fill it the rest of the essay word count with your bit. There is no “expected” word count when you buy cheap essay.

If you tell them your piece only needs 2000 words then the essay writer will assume you were given that word count by your college and will complete the essay with 2000 words. If the actual count is 3000 words then you can add in 1000 words by using your own points and research and you save yourself 1000 words worth of money.

Shop around

This is not great advice because shopping around may mean you find the cheapest that is actually run by a 12 year old Somalia boy. There is a line between being cheap and being no good, there is also a line between paying for quality and just paying over the odds. You should shop around to get an idea of the market, and not to get the cheapest price because it may not work out so well if you do.

Bidding sites

There are sites where you enter your project onto the board and professors and degree holders will bid on the project. You may pick the lowest price bid and have it done for you. Again, the same problem applies with bidding sites as with shopping around in that you may end up paying over the odds for mediocre quality, and it may be that the cheapest bidder is actually the worst writer. Use your best judgment when you buy essays online.

Essay level

You can pick a lower level for your essay to be written at. You pick a lower level and there is a bigger chance you will get a lower grade. However, there is nothing saying you cannot have your essay written at a lower level and then tune it up yourself when you receive it back. This is going to save you money and give you a bit of input into your essay so that you do not feel as if you are cheating when you hand it in as your work.”

Have you enjoyed Sharon's advice?


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