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Apr 7th 2014

How to Start Writing a Research Paper with Enthusiasm

Some need research paper help at the very beginning of their project because there are so many variables that even a very intelligent person can become bogged down in details. There is also the idea that you may miss out on something if you pick the wrong topic, and then there is good old writer's block that is most likely to strike when you first create your work. 


Creating a plan is the best way to start because you can be vague, you can just add notes, and there is no finishing point. There is also no preferred method because you can plan however you see fit. It will also help you keep your paper more balanced and help you maintain the focus of your work without going off on a tangent.


Once you have your topic you are likely to have a few ideas floating around your head already. It is a good idea to write them down because a domino effect often happens where lots of other ideas come along at the same time. Brainstorming a few ideas may be all the inspiration you need to keep you going throughout the research paper. Your brainstorming may start a cascade that offers all the research paper help you ever need.

Add questions

People often have trouble fleshing out their work, so in your plan you should ask questions at regular intervals. Here is an example of bullet point notes with questions attached.

His posture was that of a liar - Is the research on this sound? What is his usual posture? Does he have an injury?
He had his arms folded which indicates lying - Was he cold? Does he normally sit like that? Was he mirroring the other people in the room?
He kept taking his time to answer questions - Did he understand the questions? Was he intimidated? Was he nervous because he is hiding something else?

Put a structure in place first

If you have severe writer's block and you simply cannot get off the first blank page, then put a structure into your first plan so that you have something at least to start with. Here is a quick structure you can pop into any research paper; you don't have to keep the elements within it. 

Even with that structure in place, you may find it easier to come up with a few notes for your plan. For example, in the further discussion portion you may mention how your work can never be finite. Even studying a constant such as gravity is open to interpretation, as we cannot be sure that gravity as across the universe does not steadily become stronger by one Newton over a period of 11510000000 years. 

You can have lots of plans!

Planning is not something you just put on a document; you can have lots of plans. You can have a plan for the entire analysis section, and you should have a plan for your research because you will have to justify your research method at some point. You can have plans linked to other bigger plans so that it eventually looks like a crazy mind map.

Pick a theme and pick a topic

This often helps to get you started, but it is at the bottom of this research paper help article because it is not as important as you think. Some people limit the potential of their research paper by picking a theme and topic first. Sometimes your own ideas, thoughts and research take you to places you may not have ventured if you had already picked your theme or topic.

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