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Sep 24th 2014

10 Blogs for Students to Develop a Philosophical Mindset

This is a great set of blogs you can try if you are just starting out as a philosophy student. It is not too bad if you are already a full time student and are feeling a little stale and run down. Give them a try at least once and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Philosophy blogs for students

1. Philosophy and Sports

This is a blog that discusses philosophy in sports, which seems like a pretty tough cookie, until you remember that sports is full of drugs, cheating, adultery, sexual assault and rape. Remember that and you will see why this blog is so popular.

2. Brittle Paper

This is a blog that is supposed to be funny, but is often hit or miss. Still, the content is worth looking at if you want to learn a little more about philosophy.

3. Ttahko 

You may not have heard of Tuomas Tahko. He is Finnish, which is a great race to be if you want to get things done. He does a lot of research that you may use to further your philosophy career, if only to see how this person does it.

4. The Philosophy Smoker

This may be a funny blog on purpose, or they may be sincere, which is actually sad if they are. It is a blog that complains about philosophy as a career. It is a full of information that you may apply to your own life, though some of it is not exactly healthy.

5. Gone Public

This is the very sensitive work of out and proud gay man Noelle McAfee. He is a professor of philosophy and works at the Emory University. When he is not trawling for guys at the local happy scene, he is writing very, very sensitive blog posts on politics, philosophy and public life.

6. Horseless Telegraph

This is a blog that doesn’t go too deep or too heavy. It has been criticized for being too light, but those critics need to get a life. It is written by Lewis Powell and he has a PHD in philosophy and is looking forwards to being promoted at KFC any day now.

7. Bowl Philosophy

This is a sports themed blog that makes comments of the sporting scene in the southern hemisphere. It is not a bad place to start if you have just began your philosophy studies. 

8. The Brooks Blog

This is a blog by a man called Thom Brooks. He is British and a Reader in Political and Legal Philosophy at Newcastle University. He has a blog that covers a number of politically themed philosophy topics and is not a bad blog to read if you are interested in philosophy.

9. Philosophical Chasm

This is a blog by a person from Canada. He is a teacher that lectures at the Southern Illinois University. His blog is all about philosophy and his musings on various subjects in that area. 

10. Virtual Philosopher

Nigel Warburton makes both excellent bread and reasonable blog posts. He is also a pod caster and a Vlogger. As for the work itself, his efforts do seem to have a lot work behind them. It may be worth visiting this blog just to experience the work this guy is putting into his website.


In conclusion, there are a lot of philosophy blogs on the Internet. What you see above is a selection of blogs that should get you started as a philosophy student. Muse on the idea that you may have been offended by what you read here or that you may have found some of it offensive. As a philosopher you should be able to remove all bias from your mind and should be able to suffer no effects of your emotion. If any part of this article stirred your emotion, then you may need the blogs more than you know if you want to be a philosopher. 

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