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Jan 3rd 2015

What Professions Are Popular Among Grades in 2015

Many students wonder - what they should do after the young and carefree years in college or university will end. Where can I find a job? What to do after graduation? Sounds familiar, huh? Too many questions and too few answers. Introducing you infographics 'What Professions Are Popular Among Grads in 2014'. Here you can find answers to some questions, look at the statistics, and I hope to draw some conclusions. Also recall that is always ready to help you.

The Great Recession left consequences we all feel. The contemporary markets are very liberal, but there are still not many positions available for recent graduates. What business owner wouldn't like to avoid investing time and money in someone's training? Without experience, your chances of landing a good job are minimal. If no one wants to hire you, how are you supposed to gain that experience? It's an oxymoron without an answer.

When you compare the immense number of students in the US with the number of available positions on the market, the problem is visible right from the start: the educational system is producing more graduates than the market can accept. That's why a great percentage of recent grads end up working for minimal wages, or they accept part-time positions until they gain more experience.

Over 50% of the graduates with Bachelor's degree are underemployed or unemployed; and over 30% of the employed ones are overqualified for the positions they have. The main reason for underemployment is simple: some jobs that don't require a degree pay more than the starting positions graduates are qualified for. The other main reason is the lack of open positions for inexperienced job hunters.

Current students are quite optimistic with their expectations. Of course, a student wouldn't bother studying, writing papers and passing exams if he didn't hope to build a productive career after graduation. The outcome crushes their expectations.

Due to the unfavorable conditions on their first employment, recent grads don't expect to stay at their full-time jobs for a long time. Most of them opt for change over stability, since change is the only thing that drives them forward.

There is one thing to remember: although your journey towards the perfect employment will be difficult at the beginning, your goals are still possible. This infographic provides a list of companies that accept a great number of graduates. Moreover, it also informs you about the way you should rank your terms and expectations when looking for a job after graduation. Plus, you'll get a list of occupations with the biggest number of job openings, so you'll be able to direct your education the right way. Associate's degrees also offer great opportunities for recent graduates. The infographic provides a list of the top five degrees young people can benefit from.

You want more specific information and precise data? Go through this infographic and you'll have a better vision about your future.

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