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Dec 18th 2014

Narrative Essay Sample: The Undermining Role of Procrastination in My Life

Without any guide or without knowing which way to start, you will really have a hard time in drafting your narrative essay. Once your professor finally sets the deadline along with the requirements, you do not just have to submit on time but you should also give a topnotch narrative essay that meets academic standards. So, how should a creative and perfect narrative essay lool like?

EssayMama writing team has prepared a great narrative essay sample for you. Check it and learn what structure, language and details your essay should include.

Narrative Essay Sample

The Undermining Role of Procrastination in My Life

When there is a task I'm really supposed to work on, I'll do anything other than that one very important thing. To make things worse, I'll convince myself that the irrelevant things I'm doing are important in the given moment. Recently, I had a whole weekend to work on an essay for my sociology class. After I lost two days in procrastination and spent an entire Sunday night working on the essay, I started wondering: why did I procrastinate? There were multiple reasons that leaded to the actions of procrastination: the complexity of the task I was supposed to cover, low self-esteem, and getting depressed that I didn't get anything done. As a result, I did not achieve the goals I had in mind, I undermined the opportunity for a great grade, and I lowered my self-esteem even more.

The topic of my sociology essay was extremely challenging and I had to conduct an in depth research. I did not understand anything about the connection with music genres with the development of our society, so I was overwhelmed by the entire process. Instead of committing to the task that was supposed to determine my grade, I spent the weekend with a Darren Aronofsky movie marathon. Things got even worse: I convinced had to write a detailed Reddit review of each movie I watched. Then I started going through recommendations for another movie marathon and it took two days before I realized what I was doing. The first and foremost reason for procrastination was the complexity of the sociology project. My teacher did not bother explaining the main points, so we were left without precise guidelines.

With no background and clear understanding of the essay, I didn't believe that I was going to write it successfully. I had no idea about the style and tone I was going to adopt, and I did not understand what the expectations of my audience were. The whole task gave me the impression that I had to start learning how to write all over again. When I realized that I was going to get a low grade no matter how hard I tried, I figured out my efforts would had been useless, so I left the responsibility for the last minute. When I was left with only 12 hours before the submission deadline, I got so depressed that I wasn't able to start writing at all.

When thinking about the role of procrastination, I cannot identify any positive attributes. From this standpoint, I realize that I made poor choices under the extreme pressure I was feeling. Although I chose to do something useful because Aronofsky's movies helped me understand human psychology on a deeper level, the movie marathon was still an act of procrastination that prevented me from achieving good results with the essay. I felt guilty when I was watching the movies, and my self-esteem was getting lower as the time went by.

My subconscious has peculiar ways of convincing me that procrastination is the right thing to do at a given moment. Thus, instead of writing a crucially important paper, I'll decide to clean my room or spend the day exploring yoga videos online. When I have an extremely important task to cover, I start making poor decision that I always regret. That's the role this habit has in my life. After thinking about it, I realize I need to be responsible for my actions and do something to change it before it ruins more of my opportunities for success.

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