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Feb 12th 2014

6 Best Job Resources for College Students

The availability of the internet has really made things easier for students, as they can easily find all sorts of information in seconds. The interesting thing is that the internet will also help you find several impressive resources to find a right type of job. It is an undeniable fact that job-hunting is always depressing, exhausting, demeaning, and frustrating, and it will become even difficult when you don't know much about ways to find job listings and job search help.

Whether you've just finished college and need a full-time job or you're on the lookout for a part-time job to support your studies, you can always start your hunt using the following resources.

6 Best Job Resources for College Students

Make Use of Alumni Network 

 Many students don't understand the importance of making use of their alumni network. You should always pay a visit to your college website and check your college alumni network, as this will help you find any job you've been looking for some time. The right way is to check your website and see who is running your local alumni association.

Contact that person and request information about all alumni events that will take place in the near future. Now, consider designing a basic business card and attend those events to introduce yourself to fellow alumni. Sometimes, it also pays to volunteer for your college alumni association. You may also consider doing some homework about who is going to attend the event and where they work. Go meet them and impress them with your knowledge and abilities to convince them to share some nice job opportunities with you. 

Try On-Campus Alumni Services

 Your college will always offer alumni services to make it easier for the unemployed to secure a nice part-time job. Ask them to help you find relevant information about companies in your desired industry and then plan your hunt accordingly. 

Make Use of Social Media

 It doesn't matter if you're looking for entry-level job or simply need a part-time job to earn extra cash, you may consider taking advantage of different social media sites. Many students don't realize how effective social media can be. Using and is one fine way of getting to know of your potential employers. These social media sites are always quite valuable resources, as this may work better than a CV. You can like your alumni pages and other on-campus activities you've been a part of during your time at college. Similarly, you may consider joining relevant groups to meet likeminded people and employers who are looking for bright candidates for certain job positions. You need to bear in mind that networking is important to improve your chances of finding a job, and that's when social media websites will be of great use.

Visit the Public Library 

 You will improve your chances of landing an impressive job by visiting the public library regularly. After you've finished college, you still don't have enough experience, and that's when you can hone your skills by using the resources available at the public library. This will also help you to find names of companies offering specific services in your area. Similarly, you can review trade magazines for information.

Using LinkedIn Effectively

 You can use the information you get from the public library to create an account on Just make sure your profile is relevant to the industry in which you'd want to work. Use your profile to speak about your personality, your knowledge, academic background, and everything that would make others think highly of you. 

Use Job Search Websites 

 This is yet another interesting way of finding a good job using online resources. Many sites will offer quality essay writing help to ensure you've written an impressive personal statement essay and a resume to explain your skills. Most of these sites offer simple-to-use search tools to make it easier to find jobs in specific industries, locations, etc. Some nice sites to start your search are,,,,, and So, consider setting up an account at all these websites and make sure to have a killer resume uploaded to ensure that your employer gets to know everything about your skills, abilities, and experience. 

 The article was written by Jess Millis - educator, writer and editor.

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