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Jan 15th 2015

Star Wars Essay Writing Galactic Guide

As a student, life is never easy! Besides the fact that there is a ton of new information to assimilate, you also have to write a lot of essays for various school papers. The problem becomes even more difficult when you find out that there are a few different types of essays like argumentative essays, descriptive essays and a few other boring types that you struggle to understand (EssayMama knows how it can be;) ).

Student life should be about fun and following your passions, right? What if your biggest passion in life is Star Wars? Well, you're in luck! The amazingly creative infographic below proves that you can always mix business with pleasure. Without producing any disturbances in the force, the infographic shows that there is a very powerful connection between the characters of Star Wars and essay writing.

You get to find out that an argumentative essay is just like Princess Leia. We all know that she is one of the most popular female characters in Star Wars and she loved to always back-up her actions, opinions and words with strong arguments. Thinking about her, you understand that your essay needs to be well researched and structured. Visual appeal is also important, right? Who could resist Princess Leia? Well, if you format your paper properly and you organize all paragraphs well, your ideas will instantly become more impressive.

Master Yoda on the other hand, is experienced and knows how to offer good, clear advice to anyone in trouble. As you can see, the infographic compares Master Yoda and his knowledge of the force with the expository essay. Your ideas need to be exposed in a clear and crisp manner so anyone reading it can understand your thoughts. You can get inspired by Yoda's style, but please be mindful about grammar.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was a really lovable character, right? Well, the infographic pairs him with the type of paper students hate the most: position paper. Get inspired by Kenobi, who knew how defend his position from a higher ground. Anakin, on the other hand, changed his mindset depending on personal interests. Don't do that when writing position papers; choose Obi-Wan as your master.

Princess Amidala can serve as your inspiration for a descriptive essay. She analyzed every single action she made before she made her final judgment. As for narrative essays, you guessed it: C3PO! He is not the smartest character of all, but he sure knew how to bring tons of information into a single story.

We hope you'll consider this a fun, easy way to learn about different types of essays and their particularities. What do you say: are you ready to start writing that essay you've been postponing for days?

a galactic guide to essay writing

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