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Feb 9th 2014

The Secret Ways to Write the Conclusion for Your Essay


 The conclusion is what finishes your essay off and ties everything together. Without this binding area, your essay is essentially unfinished. It’s like having a sentence without a period at the end of it. A lot of students find this intimidating, so they might employ a research paper writing service to do it.


 We want to educate students on how to do these tasks for themselves. It’s why we’re about to reveal the secret ways to write the conclusion for your essay.


The Secret Ways to Write the Conclusion for Your Essay

Too Much Repetition

 A common mistake people make is to see the conclusion as their chance to repeat what they’ve already written. Nobody wants to read through this. How often do you read a novel with a chapter dedicated to summing up exactly what you’ve read before?


 The conclusion is the cement that binds all your points together. You’ve explained how each point supports your angle. This is your chance to explain how they all link together. It’s a unique part of your essay that only adds to the power of your argument.

Leave an Impression

 You’ll notice that any paper from a professional research paper writing service will aim to extend into another unknown essay.


 In other words, it will end each assignment with a parting thought. It might reflect on how your angle impacts a wider debate. It might simply reveal how when all the points you made are combined together they reveal an ultimate truth and an entirely new angle that the reader hasn’t considered.


 Whatever happens, it’s left an impression and encouraged the reader to think. The greatest pieces of literature on Earth all do this. They encourage people to think about something. One or two aspects stick in the reader’s mind long after they’ve left their chair.

Call to Action

call to action


 Even in academic circles, you need some sort of subtle call to action. This doesn’t have to be anything promotional, like it would be if it was a corporate research paper. Push people towards further research.


 Your professors are looking out for something like this. This action doesn’t just have the effect of showing you care about the reader and you want your paper to make a difference. It demonstrates that you understand there’s a wider debate and your angle is just one part of a greater world.

Keep it Short

 Short conclusions work best. If you have anything more than 500 words (at the most) to say at the end, you’ve left too much out of your body. Now is not the time to introduce additional points. At best, you’re reflecting upon what’s already been written and nothing else.

Write the Conclusion First

 It sounds mad, but if you’re the type of student who struggles to maintain a clear line of argument this can be a useful trick.


 Write the introduction and the conclusion before concentrating on the body. This has the effect of confining you and preventing you from going off on a tangent. It might work for you. It might not work for you. This is a little trick that’s benefitted some students.

Who Cares?

 You need to tell the reader why what you’ve just said is of any importance whatsoever. Yes, you might have addressed a debate, but why does it matter?

Try to bring your essay content back into the real world. Inform the reader how it impacts on something in the real world today. If you can’t answer this, you have to question whether you chose the right subject to begin with.

Echoes of the Past

 Your introduction is designed to set the scene and to get people interested in what you have to say. The conclusion should be your chance to make everything circle. It’s your time to bring everything together again.


 Take a sentence or two to repeat some of the aspects you mentioned in your introduction. A conclusion should comprise some reflection, but it should also lead the reader on to further research, as already mentioned by the point on a call to action.


the end of secret ways


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