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Sep 16th 2014

An Ultimate List of Blogs to Upgrade Writing Skills

Writing a little better is a complex issue. There is the grammatical side, which is going to need a masters degree if you want to get it to a higher level, then there is a structure side, and the fact that you have to write very fast if you want to get all your ideas down. There is flow, consistency, planning and targeting, not to mention the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that is needed if you want to write for the Internet. There is no single book that can help you, but you can make a start by trying these blogs.

1. Make a Living Writing

This is a blog based on the terrible idea of making a living as a writer because you will discover that you will barely survive as a writer if you take it as a full-time job. Never the less, this blog has some very insightful things in. The post about how the grammar police make terrible writers is actually bitterly true. That is why this one has taken the top spot on the list.

2. Helping Writers Become Authors

This is a blog that helps you write professionally, for your blog, for your studies and creatively (including poems). It is a very good blog that you should try at least once. It helps you if you are completely new to writing outside of an academic setting.

3. My Name Is Not Bob

This is a rather good blog that gives you tips on how to be a part-time writer whilst still at college, though that is its unintentional purpose. You can tell that the writer has a little experience writing for hire, which is more experience than most students have.

4. Rachelle Gardner

This is a blog that helps you improve your writing. It has the occasionally good post that comes up with some insight that is hard to find. It should be added to your list of blogs to try at least once.

5. Goins Writer

This is a blog that has writing tips and gives you perspectives on different types of writers and writing.

6. The Creative Penn

This is a blog from a person that has done a little freelance work. Frankly, the more diverse advice you can get on the subject, the better off you will be. This is even true if you read contradicting advice because freelancing, even during your studies, is a harsh mistress that will rob you and leave you begging like a wounded hobo for people to pay you.

7. A Writer’s Bucket List

This is a good blog that occasionally comes up with some ideas that you are going to make great use of. It has insights and advice that occasionally is worth reading. Like most blogs of this ilk, the advice is hit and miss, but still worth your time reading from time to time.

8. Writer Unboxed

This is a blog that doesn’t only focus on the business, study or mechanical side of writing, but also on the mentality of the writer too.

9. Live Write Thrive

This is a blog that helps people wanting to be professional writers, but is also good for students too.

10. The Write Practice

As the name of the blog suggests, this is a blog that gives you advice and information regarding your own writing practice and how to improve your writing.


Frankly, there are positive points you can take away from all the blogs listed above. They are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but they are all worthy of at least one look before you cast them aside. 

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