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Apr 12th 2014

The EssayMama's List of 30 Great Research Topics

The research paper is a complex assignment regardless of the topic you have to elaborate. When your professor assigns the topic, it's easier for you to complete the project because you have a starting point. When you have the flexibility of choosing your own topic, you get stuck before you even start.

First of all, you need to see the positive side of your professor's decision: you can write on any topic you like. You get the broad guidelines, so you only need to conduct a preliminary research that would help you determine your preferences. The research paper topic has to be a bit more complex when compared to the title of an essay. Don't settle for simple constructions that wouldn't give enough space for solid arguments. This is a relatively long project, so you should choose a topic that will help you think of enough arguments that support the main thesis statement.

It would be best to start thinking about the topic of your research paper as soon as possible. The classic technique of brainstorming is really effective at this point. First, you need to look for some online sources related to the broad subject you're supposed to cover. Once you do that, start noting your ideas. What was the most inspiring aspect of the matter? Did you criticize some of the opinions you read? Which author made the most authoritative arguments? Write everything down and you'll eventually be able to construct a topic out of that list.

The topic has to be defined as a focused research question. If you haven't written many research papers before, you'll have troubles finding the right form. Don't worry; EssayMama is always here to help! In the continuation, you'll find 30 suggestions for research paper topics from various areas of study. Use them as your inspiration and be open-minded about alternations.

  1. How does tobacco affect the human mind and body?
  2. Underlying causes of the 2008 stock market crash
  3. How does religion affect the abortion issue?
  4. Bullying in high school: the psychological background of bullies
  5. How intelligence tests changed the educational system
  6. The necessity and effectiveness of censorship in high school education
  7. The influence of eastern religions over contemporary western societies
  8. Discrimination in modern corporations: causes and effects
  9. The reasons behind delaying marriage from a man's and a woman's point of view
  10. The influence of financial stability over the state of harmony in a family
  11. How does political activity improve one's chances for employment?
  12. Why do women get confidence after applying makeup?
  13. The logical reasons behind a woman's maternal instinct
  14. The moral and ethical aspects of human cloning
  15. The idealistic values of the educational system vs. their realistic implementation
  16. The effects of homeschooling over students' achievements on standardized tests
  17. The evolution of trains and railroads
  18. Alcatraz: operation, reputation and closure
  19. Positive and negative sides of video gaming for K-12 students
  20. The role of psychics in the Cold War
  21. The ethics behind capital punishment
  22. Does the Internet make people smarter?
  23. Which are the most effective methods of fighting anxiety?
  24. Does prolonged exposure to the sun damage the skin?
  25. The influence of alternative medicine over the conventional approach of treating cancer
  26. How did social networks change the way people communicate?
  27. The effects of US politics and actions against terrorism in the world
  28. Implication of alcohol over crime rates in the USA
  29. The effects of oil spills over the health of our planet
  30. The influence of Gaudi's work over contemporary architecture


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