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Apr 10th 2014

You Have to Write an Abortion Research Paper? These Guidelines Will Make the Project Easier!

If you are going to work on an abortion research paper, then this article is going to help you a lot. It is going to give you pointers on how you may approach the subject matter and will certainly give you a few things to think about when creating your research paper

Pick more than one standpoint

Start by not taking a moral standpoint, in fact, if you want to do this research topic justice then you should take as many different standpoints as possible. What does that mean? Have a look at a few standpoints below (there are many more) and ask yourself if it is that difficult to take more than one of these standpoints when writing your research paper:

 There are many, many more standpoints you can take when writing your abortion research paper and you are doing your subject matter and your audience a disservice if you take one standpoint and stick to it. On the other hand, one standpoint may be justified if you are writing something such as a persuasive paper, but since this is an abortion research paper you are unlikely to score highly if you take up just one standpoint. 


 This is not always the case however. There are assignments that may ask you to research the many reasons people find it morally wrong, but in that case you are not really researching abortion, you are researching people’s attitudes towards it, and in that case you should be very careful if you are planning to add in your own attitude or opinion into it. 

Preliminary planning is going to help

 You are going to have to come up with your research method and justify it. If you do that then you may gain enough direction to be able to start writing your research paper plan and notes. It is true that once you are given a way to research, it suddenly becomes easier. It is a little like being told to get from California to New York and being taught to drive, at which point getting there seems a lot easier.

Conduct your research as per your chosen research method

 Do not underestimate the power of planning. The more you plan then the easier the actual writing side of your project is going to become. You should consider setting up a framework for your research in which you create a list of all the things that need to be done. You can even create a timeline with notes such as how long it you need to have researched at least 10 good sources, and how much you should have written within the first month. Your framework may include writing your paper in a modular fashion, for example, spending a night on your introduction and another night on just one research source.

Try to leave bias out of it

 Even if your professor says you can be biased, it is better to steer clear of it and be as unbiased as you can. On the other hand, there are some times when it is hard to be unbiased, and you may have to go the way of your conscience. For example, if you were to have to justify halal meat, which is the process of bleeding a fully conscious and un-anesthetized animal to death via a small hole in its neck for forty minutes whilst someone recites Muslim prayers, then you may have trouble being unbiased, but at least show that you tried to be unbiased (if your conscience will allow).


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