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Apr 25th 2014

5 Tips and a Free Sample That Will Teach You Write a Great MBA Application Essay

An MBA is a Master of Business Administration (MBA or M. B. A.) which is a master's degree in business administration. It is actually a qualification mostly seen in Northern America and includes a lot of elective courses. Gaining access to a business school can be a little difficult, so here are a few MBA essay writing tips.

1. There are a lot of external factors

It is not all down to your MBA essay writing skills, otherwise great writers would be accepted in a shot. There are a lot of external factors, but getting your essay right is a good idea if you want to get as much right as possible within your application. At least within your essay you have complete control over it. You should discuss your candidacy and tell your story to your admissions officer as best you can.

2. Do not be a big phony

It is so easy to write a big phony essay that comes across as a letter to a hottie you want to take to bed. You haven't been dreaming of going to their college since you were a small child, and you haven't had a poster of their college on your wall to motivate you. You may be part of a proud tradition of family members attending the school but you would not be honored if they allowed you acceptance.

3. Be very sincere

Be a little more sincere. Sure, you can pile on a little sentiment, but remember you are trying to show the admissions committee who you are and what you are all about. If you found your studies easy and hardly revised, then maybe don't write it in those terms, but mention how studying was a breeze. You don't have to tell them how you worked hard every night, especially if you only just gained the grades needed to get the application in the first place.

4. Write too much

You should have a first draft when doing your MBA essay writing and your first draft should be over word count. It should be a dense network of thoughtful answers and very good points. Write too much to start with, and then on your final draft you can trim off the fat and just leave the good stuff. Respect the word count because they are not going to like you if you write too much. It is a hassle for them and your work will not get the attention it deserves.

5. How much should I write?

Word count is a strict thing with most essays, where going too far over or under word count will incur a penalty. This is not true of your MBA essay. If you want to go under the word count then feel free. There is nothing that says you cannot go under word count if you feel that you are doing yourself justice. It is possible to explain yourself in fewer words than they allow, and frankly if you have very good points to add then there is no saying you need to write up to the word count.

You do not even have to be top of your class if you want to write under word count. What you should concentrate on is being convincing and this is done with trust and transparency. You can create this by including your motivations. It is easy to say that you are going to work hard, but give them a very good motivation for you working hard. Your subject may be what you are best at, you may have a talent for it, you may be resolved to working hard. You may be motivated by the fact you enjoy the work, the fact you intend to get a high paid job and the fact you intend to use your high wages to pay for your sisters cystic fibrosis treatments. Giving your motivation and plenty of positive transparency will help you gain entrance to the college.

EssayMama team suggests you to check the following practical sample of MBA essay that may help you to improve your writing skills.

MBA Application Essay Sample

Why MBA?

During undergraduate school, all teachers made sure to emphasize the importance of their courses. As all other students, I was also forced to make a commitment to a particular major, so it was difficult for me to make a choice. Fortunately, I realized that banking, management, and entrepreneurship were my biggest interests. The point that encompassed all these interests was business. Suddenly, I started feeling confident about my choices and I knew that my college education was meant to lead towards a single goal: an MBA.

Throughout the summer between my second and third year at college, I started an internship in the largest bank in my country. One of the first questions the supervisor asked me was: “why did you decide to apply for this internship position and where do you think it will lead you?” Those questions triggered an inner process of self-observation. I realized that every single action was supposed to take me somewhere in future. Why didn't I choose to apply for an internship in a computer software company? Why was I so attracted to banking? I understood that I wanted to learn more about the way this system functioned from the inside. There is something very appealing to order; the way that different factors merge together to form a banking scheme that works impeccably when applied into practice.

I realized that my interests in entrepreneurship and management were subordinated to banking. I wanted to know everything about global banking and capital markets, microfinance investments, bankruptcy and reorganization, financial crisis, monetary policies, and management of financial businesses. There was one degree that encompassed all these subjects: the MBA. In order to understand how banks regulate the financial system, I need to learn how business functioned in general. I have always believed in the ‘a minore ad maius' philosophy: I need to understand how the small parts function before I get to see the big picture.

My journey towards an MBA degree will teach me how to transform my ideas into viable actions. I need to master the skills related to strategic planning, management and finance before I can start working on promoting the current banking system. My ambition is not limited to becoming a bank clerk; I want to contribute towards the evolution of banking principles, which have a crucial role in the progress of our entire society. My internship position taught me how the most visible layers of the system functioned. As I dug deeper into the organization, I realized I wanted to get to its very essence.

The MBA education will give me an opportunity to enrich my knowledge in several disciplines related to banking. The approach I am interested in requires multidisciplinary knowledge that encompasses entrepreneurship, crediting, budgeting and reporting cycle, statistics, management, and much more. When I understand all these niches and I deepen my knowledge on risk, regulation and compliance, I will be ready to take my education further and progress towards a doctoral degree. At this point, the MBA program is a clear step that will help me achieve my future goals.

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