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Jun 24th 2014

9 Tips to Write a Dissertation You've Always Dreamed Of

Start the same day you get your project description. This is the first tip in this article and it is the most important. You must start the same day because you will put it off for what may turn into weeks if you do not. Psychologically you will feel as if your dissertation is unfinished if you make a start right away, whereas you will find it far easier to put off if you have not made a start at all. Here are a few more tips to help you.

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Plan the content amount set against dates

This is another way you are going to make sure you get it done on time. Make a plan on your calendar showing how many words you will have written by what date. It helps to stop you from falling behind through your accidental complacency. When one of those dates comes and you see you have not written enough words it will help spur you into action and put more time into your dissertation.

Plan your research and justify your methods

You have to plan your research methods and your approach, and it is possible that your research method may need to be justified. Even if it is not explicitly requested you should still do it anyway. Even a paragraph or two explaining your research approach and why you chose it may help you gain a slightly higher grade.

Check each concept or principle personally before continuing

Let’s say you decide upon a principle such as how nobody has ever survived slighting a king in Great Britain in the days before America was discovered. Before running with that idea you should do a little personal research and flesh it out to be sure that you are not going to be proven wrong by your own research. If you were not to do this then you may find hundreds of supporting examples and write about them, and then half way through find a contradictory example and have to scrap your idea after doing all that work.

Hire an essay writing company

If you think you have left it too late then hire an essay writing service to do it for you. Rushing it at a late stage is probably going to result in you failing or getting a terrible grade, and a dissertation takes a long time for students to complete. If you hire a company to do it for you then you may end up paying a lot of money but at least you get your passing grade.

Check your paper for contradictions, weight and unwanted bias

If you have contradictions in your dissertation, then the dissertation marker is going to see them. They may be very subtle such as how you say in one section that a person was only exposed to something up to the age of twelve, and yet later you mention a date upon which it occurs that suggests the person was older. The contradictions may also be massive, such as claiming that a war was started by one country near the beginning and then claiming they were attacked first further into the dissertation.

The weight of your dissertation is all about how much effort you put into one element. Some people may have to describe lots of items but put too much word count and effort into one item. If this happens then the weight of the dissertation is skewered and to even it up the writer would have to put just as much effort and word count into the other items. 

Some dissertations may wish to be bias but if you do not wish to be bias (it is unwanted) then you need to check for it. A dissertation that is not evenly weighted may be bias on its own merit. Other types of bias may show through within your language, such as calling one group of people “a community” and calling another group “people.” An example would be, “The Springfield community was shocked, however the people of Shelbyville took it in good spirit.”

Be wary of paying people to proofread

Remember cautionary tales of people who have hired others to proofread their dissertation only to find it was sold by the proofreader and the college student was expelled for what appeared to be plagiarism.

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