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Apr 1st 2015

Meet Our Writers and Bloggers!

Meet the member of our big EssayMama team - Julie Petersen!


"Writing is primarily self-expression and relaxation for me. I also believe that the other important purpose of writing is sharing the experience with people around. That is why I am happy to be a part of EssayMama editorial team and share my knowledges and skills with the next generations. I am always open to cover new topics concerning education and student life, so, please, contact me if you have any comments or suggestions!"

Julie Petersen

Julie Petersen joined EssayMama as a writing consultant and a blog editor in September 2012. She got Bachelor's Degree in Arts at Stanford University in 2010, whereupon started her freelance writer and language tutor career. In her writings Julie mainly covers such topics as education, career, creative writing, content marketing and design. You may see some of her publications here:

We would also love to publish here another article from Julie that she has just written by EssayMama editors request. Enjoy!

«Why Should You Develop Essay Writing Skills?

There are many reasons why you should develop your essay writing skills. If you're a college student, you're probably not thinking about the long-term benefits of writing essays and more than likely are only thinking about how I can get better grades. If you've just graduated and are now in the professional world, you're probably beating yourself up because better grades in your courses would've meant a higher GPA and a better career. If you've been a professional for years and years you're probably here trying to find out if essay writing can help you to advance your career.

There are numerous writing guides out there on the internet that are designed to help you develop your essay skills (the how) but very few actually tell you why you should! It's important to first know why you should develop them then seek out the how.

1. Your reputation depends on it!

It's critically important to write well because your reputation depends on it. No matter what profession or major you're in, it will consist of some sort of writing, whether if it's writing e-mails, creating business proposals, turning in those research papers or project outlines, it all comes back to your writing. Writing effectively gets people to trust you, recognize you as an expert in your field (because it displays your intelligence and knowledge on the subject) and it tells a little bit about who you are as a person via your writing style & tonality.

Putting your intelligence and expertise on display (through your writing) generates a following, having a following, makes you a leader. The following will only be gained by having something tangible (your writing) for people to latch onto and create an affinity for; therefore, getting them to like you leads to getting them to trust you.

2. The Psychological Benefits

You probably have heard a countless number of people downplay writing as a waste of time, not-fun, and non-beneficial. Take a moment to think about those people and evaluate how healthy and happy they are with their lives. Those comments above are already negative statements and negative statements only stem from a negative mindset. People who write have increased levels of gratitude, clearer minds that stay sharp as they age, better thought processes and increased learning capabilities.

Increased gratitude increases your happiness. When you humble yourself and find things that you are grateful for, such as being able to wake up this morning rather than the alternative or having a job rather than being unemployed or being in college rather than working in a fast food spot. Being grateful is almost synonymous with being happy because it's the act of humbling yourself enough to find things you're happy for. Writing helps you to keep a clear mind because when you put the thought down on paper it releases the mental energy you're using to move on and think about something else, especially if you're going through a difficult time in your life: writing is your outlet. It keeps you sharp with age because writing forces you to think which improves your thought process; therefore, you are better able to formulate your ideas; furthermore, you pick up quicker on things you would stress in your own writing which helps you learn.»

If you have any questions or suggestions, please, contact Julie via:

Email: juliepetersen1988 [at] gmail [dot] com

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