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Jun 9th 2021

200 Top Narrative Essay Topics and Ideas

200 top narrative essay topics and ideas - image

There are many types of essays you might be required to write during your college years. Even though these essays might sometimes be a burden, they help you improve and polish your skills.

Narrative essays are about exposing your unique voice and point of view. It is about yourself, the events you went through, and your memories. They are about your particular way of narrating these stories. And when you need to write a narrative essay, you surely think about how to choose the best topic. There are many personal narrative ideas you could start your essay with, but are those the best personal narrative topics?

Catching the attention of the reader and having it engaged is something all students want to achieve. And this depends on your topic choice. Writers from have created this list to meet your needs and help you narrow the list of topic choices.

Personal narrative essay topics

  1. A beautiful experience of you volunteering
  2. The experience of playing sports in a team
  3. Talk about your closest friend
  4. How you have learned a new skill
  5. Your first trip without your parents
  6. The relationship you have with your brothers and sisters
  7. A funny experience
  8. Your first trip abroad with your friends
  9. Your first pet
  10. The best experience you had at a concert
  11. Talk about someone who has inspired you
  12. An experience when you felt lost and scared
  13. An experience when you helped someone in need
  14. A story of how you have saved someone
  15. Your first love
  16. Your first day in college

Cultural narrative essay topics

  1. How culture shaped your personality
  2. How culture shaped your dreams and ideals
  3. The influence of culture on friendship
  4. The role culture plays in a romantic relationship
  5. Unusual cultural traditions
  6. How social media has shaped cultural beliefs
  7. Talk about your favorite holiday and how it is celebrated in your native country
  8. Traditions in your culture
  9. Gastronomic traditions in your culture
  10. How you feel about cultural norms
  11. Privileges you might have in your culture
  12. The significance of pop culture

Inspired from your experience narrative essay topics

  1. Describe the moment you felt scared, alone, and fearful
  2. Tell the story of how you got out of your comfort zone for the first time
  3. Talk about what you have learned when you got out of your comfort zone
  4. Describe how you felt when you lost a friend
  5. Talk about what you have learned from your happiest moments
  6. Talk about your first work experience
  7. Talk about your first romantic relationship
  8. Memories of new experiences
  9. Mistakes you have made
  10. The lessons you have learned from those mistakes
  11. Memories of courageous actions
  12. How you handled your toughest moments

Childhood memories narrative essay topics

  1. Spending time with grandparents
  2. Childhood games
  3. The superheroes of your childhood
  4. Your favorite memory
  5. Your childhood dreams
  6. Your role model
  7. The lessons you have learned from family members
  8. The experience of caring for a pet
  9. Parties from childhood
  10. Friends from childhood
  11. First childhood love
  12. First emotional experience
  13. First painful experience
  14. Teamwork in childhood

High school memories narrative essay topics

  1. Why you started playing the guitar
  2. Your favorite bands
  3. A love experience
  4. A bullying experience you went through
  5. How social media changed friendships
  6. School accomplishments
  7. The experience of competing
  8. School subjects that you loved
  9. How you grew up with your best friend
  10. What you have learned from high school
  11. Humiliation and laughter: an experience you went through
  12. How you helped a colleague in need
  13. The hobbies you had during high school
  14. What did you learn from bullying experiences?
  15. The happiest memory of your high school years
  16. The impact of skipping classes

Hobbies and interests narrative essay topics

  1. Describe the moment you knew what career you want to follow
  2. How you started your first hobby
  3. How you have discovered your talents
  4. The hobbies you currently have
  5. What you have learned from practicing your hobbies
  6. How your parents supported you in your hobbies
  7. How parents should support their children's interests
  8. How your hobby got you a job
  9. Are hobbies more important than grades?
  10. Hobbies turned into school classes
  11. The benefits of practicing a hobby
  12. The sacrifices you have made for your hobby
  13. How to find a new hobby for you

College life narrative essay topics

  1. Your first week in college
  2. How you have made new friends in college
  3. Your first trip with colleagues
  4. The best party in college
  5. How you have achieved your academic goals
  6. How you set your goals
  7. How college helped you fulfill your dreams
  8. The opportunities you had in college
  9. An inspirational lecture
  10. The worst lecture
  11. A moment when your professor was wrong
  12. Studying mistakes you have made
  13. How you prepared for your exams
  14. A moment you thought you won't pass but you did
  15. The most enriching feelings of college life
  16. How you find your true love in college
  17. The harsh transition between high school and college
  18. Your first job in college
  19. The greatest thing you did during college
  20. The studies that challenged your beliefs

Inspiration sources narrative essay topics

  1. Which are your muses?
  2. A movie which inspired you
  3. A book which inspired you
  4. A friend who inspired you
  5. How book characters have inspired you to behave
  6. The inspiration you get from social media
  7. An event that inspired you
  8. An example of success in your life
  9. Insignificant moments that inspired you
  10. How office plants can boost your creativity
  11. The most inspiring book you have read
  12. A movie character you have empathized with
  13. The emotions that inspire you
  14. The inspiring effect of negative emotions

Traveling narrative essay topics

  1. The favorite city you have traveled to
  2. The city that is your second home
  3. Your first memory traveling
  4. The benefits of traveling
  5. An inspiring trip you took
  6. Your first solo trip abroad
  7. Your first trip to New York
  8. The country you would move to
  9. Your favorite country
  10. A restaurant you will never forget
  11. The first trip to a concert
  12. The experience of going to festivals
  13. The impression of a visit to a museum
  14. Discovering things you love while traveling
  15. How you have discovered yourself while traveling
  16. How traveling made you appreciate other cultures more
  17. Your first trip by train
  18. Your first plane trip
  19. Why traveling with friends is the best

“What if” or “Imagine if” scenarios

  1. What if you had a reality show?
  2. What if you could travel back in time?
  3. What if you could change the past?
  4. What if you were a Coldplay member?
  5. What if you were a movie director?
  6. What if you were a bird?
  7. What if you were an NBA player?
  8. Who would you make immortal if you could?
  9. What country would you buy if you could?
  10. What would you do if you could save the Earth?
  11. What would you do if you were president?
  12. What activity would you reverse if you could?
  13. If you could be anything, you would choose…
  14. What animal would you save from extinction?
  15. What fruit would you be?
  16. Would you like to be immortal?
  17. Would you like to live in another era?
  18. If you had all the knowledge in the world, what would you build?

Narrative essay topics about personality

  1. The superstitions you have
  2. How would you have been if you were the single child
  3. How your personality has been shaped by parents
  4. Hoaxes you have fallen for
  5. How your pet shaped your personality
  6. What people believe of you
  7. The risks you take when you are alone
  8. The risks you take when you are with your friends
  9. Describe a leadership experience you went through
  10. Are you more a leader or a follower?
  11. Are you competitive?
  12. How culture shaped your personality
  13. How language shaped your personality
  14. How the society shaped your personality
  15. How you have gained self-control
  16. A moment when your personality caused a negative event

Gender and sexuality narrative essay topics

  1. Men who think women are preys
  2. Experiences with gender bias
  3. Why sex should be taught in schools
  4. The roles of men and women in your culture
  5. About sexual education in schools
  6. Teenage pregnancy
  7. Your perspective on the LGBTQ community
  8. Being gay in nowadays' society
  9. The pressure of having the perfect body
  10. Gender standards

Other narrative essay topics

  1. The memory of learning how to ride the bike
  2. The story when you lost your car/house keys
  3. Your first ski experience
  4. A dreadful memory
  5. A memory of someone who treated you unfairly
  6. Your favorite Christmas
  7. Causing a car accident
  8. Donating to people in need
  9. A story of you organizing an event
  10. The most inspiring volunteering experience
  11. A low moment in your life
  12. How and why you ended a relationship
  13. The best day of your life
  14. The worst day of your life
  15. How you met your best friend
  16. A memory from summer camp
  17. The best present you received
  18. How you helped your best friend
  19. Your first driving experience
  20. Discovering the truth about a friend

Choosing a topic for your narrative essay might seem challenging, but we hope that with this list, you will find your inspiration. And if you need help with more than this, do not hesitate to write to us. We have proficient and well-prepared writers at write my essay team, ready to help you with anything you need.

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