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Apr 16th 2014

How to Write Your First Psychology Research Paper

Writing your psychology research paper is not as difficult as it first sounds. Sure, if you have had no training in psychology, or if you have spent your days in class playing games on your phone, then you may struggle. But, if not then all the information you need is in journals, legitimate study reports and books. Here is what you do with that information.

Choose your topic

This is also not as difficult as it sounds because research topics in psychology are wide open. The half life of facts in psychology is just about as rapid as it gets in legitimate education. The best works are often discredited just a few years after they are published, so the field is wide open. Plus, if you are looking for first hand data then you will probably find it in the right situation. You are probably going to notice something that has been overlooked, underestimated or forgotten in recent history, so have fun picking your topic because the harder it is then the more fruitful your endeavor.

You need your thesis

 Pick your topic as you wish, but work hard on your thesis before you finalize it. Do not just decide that people with high functioning autism will not ask for cigarettes even if they are gasping for a smoke unless you are sure you can go somewhere with it and that you can prove it with at least a 50:50 accuracy in your psychology research paper. 

Doing your research

This should be done the entire way through, and if you have finalized your thesis without doing any research, then you may be in for a rough time. Even if you are sure you have a solid thesis, you need to check contrary studies because there will be plenty. You just have to be sure you can out-argue those contrary studies so that your work is as correct as possible. 

This brings you to your resources (or sources). There is primary, secondary and tertiary, and you are going to score better with primary research. But, this does not mean you should ignore all else. There are other people out there that are smarter than you, and even though you may be looking at secondary and tertiary work that has more potential to be biased, you are also reading the work of someone that is possibly better than you at analyzing primary resource data. Give two people the same results and one may interpret them better than the other, and if you think you are better at interpreting than all other people, then perhaps you should consider a career in holistic medicine instead of psychology.

Trusting your research

If you are curating the works of others, and let’s face the fact that a lot of modern essays do, then be aware of the fact that your work will soon be discredited. Does this mean you should only trust primary sources? Of course it doesn’t! For example, the America psychology industry’s standard is the DSM when diagnosing mental health issues, and there are entries in there that are accepted in America, but that are rejected throughout Europe. 

Sure, North America is pretty great, but they are claiming to be right when an entire continent (it is more than that actually) is disagreeing. There are secondary and tertiary sources that work from the DSM and have corrected what they consider to be its weaker points, and they in this case would be better sources than the primary source (the primary source still being the DSM). 

An extra tip

Write too much on your psychology research paper

Do this to a massive degree if you wish, but do it so that on your final draft you can snip out all the fluff and you are left with nothing but the good stuff. This is better than the other way around when you write too little and you are trying to fluff it up a bit.

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